- Massive Live Engagement -


Target your audience:

Let’s say you create a poll between two offers;

A PLR Product and a Software App.

You can then send an offer or deal of the PlR Product to anyone who votes for the PLR Product.

Just Imagine The Power Of This Tool !!

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at 10am Eastern

James Knight


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We Launch KriKetz In 

World’s First Fully Automated Facebook Live Reactions and COMMENT Polling / Voting PLus Broadcasting - SELF CONTAINED - Software.

  • Don’t need to create an API
  • No need to use any third party software like  (OBS )
  • No need to create a live event and stream url from facebook.
  • No Need of finding out the video ID.
  • You can embed first name/last name of user in shoutout text, anyone who comments will get that shoutout text with their name inside the stream
  • Complete 3 Click Easy - 
  • 1> Choose your template (Reactions, Image, Audio)
  •  2> Select Page/Group/Profile.
  •  3> Start Live / Schedule Live

We Will Have Review Access Before April 10th

Months In The Making

 Yes, We Have Developed A Revolutionary New Technology That's Never Been Seen.

Up Until Now - That Is!

 Just 3 Click Easy To Create Your Live Reaction Campaign !! 

With Our Propritary Live Reactions &  'Keyword' Based Comments Polling/Voting System.

You Really Can’t Imagine Just How Easy It Is To Broadcast Your Reaction Vote And Or Comment Campaign Now With

Revolutionary Live Vote / Polling Plus 'keyword' Comment Broadcasting Software

The First Software Of Its Kind To Offer Full LIVE REACTION AND COMMENT POLLING / VOTING And Built In Automatic BROADCASTING

Kriketz Is Extremely Powerful

You all must be familiar with facebook's live vote / polling system in recent days?!

It’s a great way to make viral videos using the facebook live feature. It’s a very powerful way to get lots of post engagement, likes , shares, comments , views.  

But this latest technology from facebook is a nightmare for most users because this is a very complex task for most users to achieve!! 

So Why Is This Process A Nightmare ? 

  • You Need tools that will create the template of the voting image
  • Then you Need to create a live event from facebook.
  • Then you Need to create your own App ID
  • Then you Need to find out the video ID and put it in the tools.
  • Then you Need to use third party broadcasting software like OBS
  • After that you can’t close your pc until the live ends.
  • This is really to complex for most everyone!!

KriKetz Solves And Automates This All For Everyone Extremely Easily!

Welcome JV Partners

Kriketz Will Be An Awesome Launch


This  Will Be A MUST HAVE Tool For All Facebook Marketers

Launching On April 24th at 10AM EST

Sales Funnel

Subject To Change As  Of 4-14-17

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 SUBJECT:   This May Be Your WORST Nightmare…..

Chances are that you include a great deal of Facebook marketing in your regular routine if you’re an internet marketer.

If you don’t, then you are missing out BIG time.But at the same time,

Facebook can be your WORST nightmareLet me explain.

A few months back, something amazing happened with FacebookThe feature,

Facebook Live was added to the platform.

This is amazing, to say the least, because it allows us to engage with our audience like never before,

and scale our businesses to staggering heights that none of us would have ever thought possible.

Simply put,

it’s because of the ability that Facebook Live videos have to go viral.Word of mouth is probably one of,

if not, the most powerful avenues through which our businesses can be marketed.

Seeing as how Facebook is the global hangout spot, word of mouth marketing will be much more effective across this platform.

But Facebook Live isn’t as easy as we think it may be.In fact,

THIS is where it becomes our worst nightmare.

There’s quite a bit of preparation and a number of steps that need to go into Facebook Live in order to do it properlyJust to name a few…

You need a 3rd party broadcasting softwareYou have to create,

find and upload the video IDYou have to stay logged onto Facebook for the entire Live videoAnd there’s quite a few more problems that, quite frankly,

I don’t have the time to catalog for you, but you get the gist.

Furthermore, as marketers, we need to spend our time wisely…

We are about speed and efficiency, and if your business is lacking this, you may want to keep an eye out for my next email for a tool that will change the way you market, forever...

Stay tuned...


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 Subject:  This Is Every Marketer’s Dream Come True!



And most importantly…


THESE are the things that you should be after and anything that is the opposite is your WORST nightmare.

But THIS is your dream come true!What’s on the following page is guaranteed to be unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before.

As I mentioned in my previous email,

Facebook added a feature that allows us to boost the engagement and ability of our marketing going viral.

But this, software, which is the first of it’s kind,

SUPER-CHARGES our Facebook marketing!

If you want:

More engagement

More viral content

More traffic

More leads and loyal followers

And more sales

Consider it done. Go check this one out, NOW!

To Your Success-



This software is EXTREMELY rare and my guess is that my buddy Griff has got a limit on how many units he’s willing to sell.

Plus, he’s offering an INSANE discount that you should not pass up on.

Do yourself a favor and get yours now!

 SUBJECT: The Secret Sauce To Successful Marketing... (hint: Steve Jobs mentioned it)

Have you ever seen the movie Jobs with Ashton Kutcher?

If so, then you are already aware of the “secret sauce” to successful marketing.

Steve Jobs, rest in peace, knew this “secret sauce” and he did his best to include it in every product that ever originated from Apple.

He knew, deep down, that every product needed to be groundbreaking.

He knew, deep down, that every product needed to greatly surpass any other product on the market and blow any, possible competition out of the water.

The secret? - We will get to that in just a second


THIS is why KRIKETZ is such an amazing software that you NEED to have in your arsenal.

If you’ve missed my last, two emails, you will see I mentioned that something amazing happened with the Facebook platform.

They incorporated Facebook Live.

This allows us a revolutionary, new way to market to our followings.

However, it is extremely complicated to do on your own without the hassle.

Simply put,

you would need a tool to run your Facebook Live marketing campaigns with speed and efficiency and KRIKETZ is the tool that does just that.

It is the world’s first, fully automated Facebook Live reactions and keyword comments vote broadcaster.This, one of a kind software,

allows for massive engagement from your followers and an extremely-heightened possibility of your content going viral.Furthermore,

it allows you to incorporate this “secret sauce” into your marketingWhich is…(drumroll please)Touching the heart of your followers.

Steve Jobs knew this and the creator of KRIKETZ, Griff, knows just how crucial it is to achieving amazing results with any products and/or services you market in your business.

And it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in,

KRIKETZ will, without a shadow of doubt, get you to where you need to be as far as traffic, leads,

and ultimately, sales and changing the lives of your customers.

But please do NOT take it from me…

See for yourself

You’ll be glad you did


P.S. This software is extremely rare and im not sure how long it’ll be up. So, you may need to hurry and secure your copy before he shuts the doors.

There will be more coming soon - 

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