FINALLY: The World’s FIRST, LIVE-Reaction & Vote-Broadcasting Software That Will SUPER-CHARGE Your Facebook Marketing.”

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Earning A Living On The Internet Like ThisTakes A Tool That Engages Your Audience - 

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Live Streaming On Facebook Is AWESOME

" This software is a Facebook Marketers Dream comes true " James Knight

Sure, it may sound great at first. However…

Live Streaming for marketers has always been difficult, Why ?  Because it is a task that is way, too complex for most users to achieve!

It doesn’t seem that way when you first hear of the idea of Facebook LIVE videos,
but there is much more to it than you think…

First, you need tools to create the template of the voting image…

Second, you must log into Facebook to create the LIVE event…

Next, you need to create your own
app ID…

After that, you need to find the video ID and put it in the tools...

Then, you need a 3rd-party broadcasting software (like OBS)...

Boy, am I out of breath after rattling these off! Oh yeah, and when it’s all said and done...

You Can’t Close Your Darn PC
Until The LIVE Event Ends!!!

It appears that every time we get around to use FB LIVE to engage with our followers, there’s a long line of hoops that we need to jump through.

We didn’t sign up for this to begin with. Even for an experienced Facebook marketer this is a pain, but can you imagine what it’ll be for a newbie?? Boy are they in for a rude awakening…

The Solution? You see, i’ve been known around this industry as the guy who consistently comes up with these top-of-the-line, game changing software.

Software that has one, specific goal in mind…

To Make Life Easier For All My 
Fellow Facebook Marketers…

So, I went ahead and put my thinking cap on to see if I could come up with something ground-breaking. Believe me when I tell you that this was NO easy task at all because we had to come up with something where there is…

create a Stream Key

use any 3rd-party software (like OBS)...

create a FB live event and stream URL...

hunt down the
video ID...

Watch Todd Explain....

And boy, oh boy did we hit these markers by a long shot.

But the BEST Part…

Is that we have thrown in some awesome features that allows for MASSIVE LIVE engagement like you’ve never seen before. We’re killing two birds with one stone here - Not only do we have the solution to your problem, but we allow you to have FUN with your marketing and if that’s not the case, you’re doing something wrong.

And With That, We Pull Back The Curtain…


World’s FIRST Fully Automated, Self-Contained Facebook
Software For Live Reactions & Comment Broadcasting

Absolutely NO-HASSLE...

Completely 3 Click Easy….

Set Up Your Campaign

Stream Your LIVE Video

Engage & Go Viral

The Features & Benefits of KRIKETZ
Second To None….

MASSIVE Live Engagement Powerhouse…

FB LIVE Comments Poll (our #1 requested feature!)...

Shoutout Texts Inside The LIVE Stream...

Proprietary LIVE Reactions...

Keyword-Based Comments Polling System...

Built-In Automatic Broadcasting...

Heightened Possibility of Viral Videos…

And much,
Much more...

ANY Niche...


Internet Marketing

Health and Fitness

Self - Help

... And All The Hot Trending Topics

Whatever Your Niche Is, KRIKETZ
Will Allow You To Monetize It…

Just Imagine How Powerful KRIKETZ
Will Be For Your Business...

Let’s just pretend that you are in the niche of Internet Marketer Figures.
One day, you decide to create a poll between two celebrities...

Clearly, this is a niche that is chock-full of fans who would not hesitate to voice their opinion and get a free product from their favorite marketer. If someone is absolutely crazy over the Todd Gross Internet Marketer figure, and most fans are, you can then send them a special offer to pick one up for a great deal.

And of course, you can do the same with the James Knight . You can do this through our Facebook Live Comments Poll feature. Instead of using reactions, this feature allows your followers to use keywords and hashtags to vote. In addition to that, it allows you to personal message your followers who comment on your LIVE videos. Based on certain keywords or hashtags that they comment with, you will be able to target your them according to their interests and tastes.

THIS Is The Secret of KRIKETZ

KRIKETZ allows you to touch the heart of your followers by allowing them to react and engage in a topic that they absolutely LOVE and aren’t hesitant to talk about…

And by allowing them to do so…

You Reap The Monetary Rewards
Which They Will Gladly Give To You!

And The Icing On The Cake Is Our Awesome Bonuses For Purchasing - Right Now - Today!

Not The Generic Over Used Bonuses That Your Used To !!!

Some Of Our PRIVATE CORE Apps To Help You Crush It On Facebook Today

KRIKETZ Solves ALL Problems For Facebook LIVE Marketers & Automates The Process!

There simply is no better way to say this… And to add to this, if there is even the slightest bit of competition in your niche, it is nearly GUARANTEED that you will blow them out of the water with KRIKETZ in your arsenal.

You will be way ahead of the curve. Utilizing KRIKETZ in your marketing efforts is the most powerful action that you can be taking to consistently grow your business - bar none.

This new, technology is one of a kind and it is the world’s first. And YOU Have A Chance To Be In On The Ground Floor! You have nothing to lose...

Watch Becka's Response After Testing Kriketz

And so much to gain from Facebook, your loyal following and your business!

When This Timer Ends  - Kriketz Pricing Will Be Increasing..

Don't Delay - This Is Going Monthly 

See Whats Included Below

  • Facebook accounts - 3 
  • Live reaction vote - 100/month 
  • Live comment vote - 100/month
  • Live limit -  15 minutes/vote
  • Monthly live limit – 300 minutes / month
  • Scheduling option - no
  • Multiple Background - Yes
  • And All Of Our Special Bonuses Above 

A Single One Time Purchase

1A Kriketz

->> As Always With Our Content It's Digital In Nature And Offered As - Software As A Service, And Once Log-In Credentials Have Been
Issued There Will Be No Refunds Available - <<

If for Any Reason You can't Access The Software  or We can't help you thru Support, I will issue A Full Refund 'No Questions' Asked

To Your SUPER-CHARGED Facebook Marketing,

P.S. We have poured our heart and soul into making KRIKETZ into the amazing, revolutionary software that it is. We know what it can do, but we want YOU to experience it for yourself. Hit the button above to invest. You will be very glad that you did.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KRIKETZ Against Facebook’s TOS?

Absolutely not - It is against Facebook’s TOS to use reactions for voting. However, KRIKETZ allows you to create a voting poll using comments and this is totally compatible with Facebook’s TOS.

Verify this here:

What Can I Expect From Using KRIKETZ?

You can expect the engagement of your audience to grow, rapidly, along with a heightened possibility of your content going viral.

Do I Have To Pay A Monthly Fee For This?

No - All we ask of you is just a one-time $27 which is extremely affordable compared to other softwares that claim to be similar.

Will This Work In ANY Niche?

Absolutely - Whatever niche you would like to brand yourself in, or already have a following in, KRIKETZ will definitely be a useful tool.

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